About the Finance Project

We are beta-launching the first phase of our Finance Project.   The goal of this multi-year initiative is to create open-source metrics and a knowledge base to enable our partners and users to drive 2C alignment within investment portfolios.

This "Version 1.0" provides metrics and analysis of fossil fuel assets within the portfolios of 50,000 listed funds, 3000 fund managers, and 2000 asset owners.  We have screened these portfolios for the 300 largest coal, oil and gas production companies, whose reserves and production levels we have characterized based on latest disclosures as of end 2017.

We intend to continually update and improve the site. We will embark on a program to expand beyond fossil fuel production companies to the entire portfolio of equity/bond assets in the portfolios we analyze. We urge you to read the FAQs and info-light boxes throughout the system to ensure you understand the methodologies employed and certain intrinsic limitations of the data.

As this is being sent to a specific and limited group during the beta phase, we ask that you kindly not share this beyond your organization. If you think others who are not aware of this project may benefit, kindly contact us directly. We look forward to comments, questions and corrections/debugging and are happy to help you with bespoke data requests: info@influencemap.org

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